Buffering an online crisis



Image Credit: Via CompFight Videomine

Most people think of ” Buffer” and think of buffering when watching a video online and the video is loading. But to answer the question about what is buffer, Buffer is A temporary storage area, usually in RAM. The purpose of most buffers is to act as a holding area, enabling the CPU to use date before transferring it to a device/method.

Listening to the podcast on the Buffering online crisis was very interesting and enlighten as well. This podcast topic was about people buffer and how if people were trying to use buffer to send out post, or messages over the weekend of Nov.4.2013 they would have some issues because buffer had been hacked on Saturday. 

This topic was a great topic because usually hacking would cause a great deal of anger for the people who may have been hacked. But not in this case because buffer approached the situation correctly. Buffer apologized and took responsibility early and often. They anticipated a leadership role.They didn’t make justifications .”They informed people about the situation with regular emails and posts. They spoke bluntly about what happened, what they’re doing to correct things and what users needed to do.”The communicated back to customers often, issuing ongoing updates and status alerts and using email, their blog, Facebook and Twitter.

They were clear.When things were fixed, they provided instructions about what to do to get reconnected. “They continued to issue genuine apologies.They were focused, well organized and first and foremost paid attention to the needs of their users.”

As said in the podcast this was great use of crisis management strategies and how they handled their crisis. The customers were pleased. 

This podcast was very interesting and I really feel organization like buffer who take the right approach and continue to keep the media and customers updated with facts and issues regarding a crisis is very important. Which is really what PR is about teamwork and working as a team to get a goal accomplished.

I recommend everyone starting out in PR to listen to a podcast. InsidePR has great postings.


2 thoughts on “INSIDE PR PODCAST

  1. Thanks for the kind words about our podcast. I enjoyed reading your summary and take on the situation. We’d welcome any questions or comments – or ideas for future shows!

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I enjoyed the entire podcast everything was very interesting and valuable. If there is any ideas I can come up with I would love to contribute them to you guys.

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