Public Relations Course Review


Communication 269 is the Intro to Public relations class. In this class social media assignments like blogging is very important because this class involves a lot of writing. Within the class students will learn how to create a professional Twitter , blog site, and LinkedIn account. Which were one of the best aspects of the entire class I enjoyed. I feel as if this class is definitely a class you won’t leave without gaining something from. The over all material is very interesting and beneficial.

This class has taught me how to create and use social media in a professional manner that will help me brand myself. I truly believe that having an online presence will assist in a person’s networking, marketing, advertising, and professional image. By the end of the semester, I really feel this class will have taught me how to write a lot better as well as work in group settings.

This is not a class to stress about because if you show up to class and pay attention Ms.Mullen makes it easy enough that as long as you do the work and learn this class will be fun and a interesting. Moreover, I like the strict deadlines every week because it kept me from procrastinating. In this class Ms. Mullen makes it easy to understand the material. Bonus points are always offered and they really help your grade,

I would recommend this class to anyone interested in Public relations.


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