Chatting With Bloggers Comes In Handy

Tonight I joined in on a twitter/blog chat with the hash-tag #blogchat started by Mack Collier which discussed “Writing Great Blog Posts vs Writing Great Newsletters”. Most of the questions were well thought out and everyone really new a lot about blogging and newsletters. Before the chat started those who were participating began to re-tweet the time the blog-chat was starting and how to engage in it. I was influenced to do the same, therefore, I spread the word about the blog-chat by re-tweeting the posts and comments. 

This was the first advantage of blog-chatting because I got the chance to connect with different people from all over the web, while learning how to get my voice and opinions heard through others and other social sites.

I started off the chat with a small tweet stating it was my first time participating in a blog-chat and how excited I was and lost at the same time. I received positive feedback from the bloggers and instructions on what to do in order to participate in the chat. I was welcomed very nicely into the chat and instantly gained three followers just from adding the hash-tag #blogchat.

I was surprised at the amount of people actually entering the chat. I didn’t know where to start so I began by just asking questions according to the topic.

My first question and response was “Question:What can bloggers do to keep visitors coming back for more again and again after their initial visit? #blogchat Response by Ashley Deas @DigitalMktgGirl@BreannaGipson13 I started my blog about a month ago, I would suggest #1 tell your story #2 become a resource #blogchat

I was Intrigued by the comments that continued to flow in. The new tweets available every second was amazing, I couldn’t keep up because the tweets were coming in so fast. I received great answers to all of my questions and I couldn’t believe how much people loved chatting. The entire chat felt like a regular conversation. I felt as if i new each person in the chat.

I learned so much about newsletters and blog chatting. I was overwhelmed by how much information, I was receiving just by asking a simple question.Blog chatting was easy and very interesting.

I recommend everyone to engage in a blog-chat to experience chatting with people from all the around the world while learning about various topics. Being able to express your feelings and have people here your ideas is a great aspect of blog-chatting. I definitely recommend the #blogchat that I did tonight. They do twitter chats every Sunday at 9 pm!

Recommended blog-chatters to follow

 Patrick Phillips @patricksplace

Susanna @susannain140

Maria Santacaterina @mcsantacaterina


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