Recap Of interview with Public relations Professional and director of communication at Valdosta State University Thressea Boyd


Director of Communication and Crisis department at Valdosta State University, with a bachelors in Public relations, and minor in Journalism. Thressa Boyd knows the ins and outs of Public relations. Along with 15 years of experience within the field of Public relations, Boyd has seen and been a part of the changes in Public Relations.

” There is something new within PR each and everyday it’s constantly changing”, said Boyd, “It’s a divine strategy, 70 hour job and more than just a full time job because there is always something to do within PR. Working in PR means having a passion for writing and being able to communicate.”

And in the field of public relations the best thing to learn is how to write, and be well knowledgeable about current events, which was a topic Boyd discussed a lot within the interview. “Have a wide variety of knowledge” said Boyd,”read newspapers, look for stories and writing styles in order to get your message up front.

After five minutes into the interview with Thressea Boyd, I had already learned so much about why writing is the most important aspect of Public Relations. “A liberal arts degree is good to have in PR and a strong background of journalism, writing is crucial, event planning is a part of it but not the most important part. The more internships the better” said Boyd, “work for a Public relations agency because of the different diversity and knowledge you’ll gain.

But that’s not all that comes with Boyd.

When asked about the importance of writing in Public Relations, Boyd strongly suggested blogging for anyone going into PR to blog. “Blogging is very important. It helps people see your personality, who you are, your interests. The more you write creativity the better you become as a writer. It is like riding a bike, fall and fall but you get better, it’s like an electronic journal” said Boyd.

After Boyd explained the importance of writing and blogging, I further understood why blogging is an effective writing tool within itself.

Boyd started out in Public relations, then marketing sales, moved to England for four years as a stay at home mom, then back to Public Relations.

” Being 50 years of age in the field of public relations, I believe public relations social media was not as important as it is in society today”, said Boyd, ” young people starting out in PR, need to stay on top of advances in technology because PR is constantly changing.”

While interviewing Boyd, I understood why journalism is so important in the field of public relations. “Every person has a story to tell, PR people have to put on their journalism hats,” Boyd said.

“Journalism helped a lot, I worked for TV station, as far as media relations, I was well prepared and fortunate enough to work with top female professionals, veteran professionals, and learned from others. Also, I went to a lot of conferences which is important because you learn a lot about what’s going on in PR.”

Being in charge of the Crisis Communication department at Valdosta State University, Boyd gets information to the campus and public. Also, with the help of her staff, and student assistants, Boyd generates eight press releases a week. She is also the editor of the university magazine, writing takes up most of her time. ” Public relations people are story tellers, trying to put their best face forward, and always be honest in PR,”said Boyd.

Overall the interview with Thressea Boyd went exceptionally well and I learned that public relations is not what people think it is. Public speaking is not the only important aspect of PR.

Becoming a great writer, knowing you audience, be noticeable about your company learn everything(history, product), and last but not least, know what you’re representing, and know your area of expertise.

These values and advice above will help me further decide whether Public Relations is the field I really want to be a part of.

More info about Thressea Boyd

LinkedIn to Thressea Boyd

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